Established in Ottawa, Canada, changeforward offers expert assistance and support to mitigate the risks and impacts of transformational initiatives and maximize their business value. changeforward combines experience, proven practices and tools to help you manage the change effectively and obtain the benefits and results you are expecting.


Developing a business case to guide the transformation decisions, activities and investments
Planning transformation initiatives in private and public sector organizations
Managing programs of change that deliver expected results
Mitigating the impact of change on employees, clients, stakeholders
Developing and implementing transformational web strategies and services

Expertise/Proven Practices

Program and project management – applying project management discipline within a broader program of change; planning and managing capability releases for early and continuing return on investments; monitoring and measuring the progress and results of the transformation against the business case and expectations

Change management
– developing programs of change and corresponding implementation plans; developing and implementing training and learning initiatives; developing and implementing communication plans; engaging key stakeholders and obtaining executive commitment

Organizational development
– developing business models and architectures; developing business capabilities; establishing governance structures; developing business processes; establishing roles, jobs and reporting relationships;

Service delivery
– developing multi-channel service delivery strategy; enhancing client experience; developing tailored offerings for clients; reducing costs; improving revenue streams

Web strategy – improving your presence on the Web; integrating web services as an integral part of the business strategy; enhancing your return on Web investment; improving your bottom line through effective use of the Web; using the Web to accelerate the transformation of your organization

Tools and support

Templates and pro-formas – ensure all transformation activities are planned for by following templates and pro-formas for developing project plans, release strategies, communications and engagement plans, and others.

Web transformation tools
– take advantage of the power of the Web to generate buy-in and commitment to the change and accelerate the transformation results. Use our web solutions to communicate with employees, to get their feedback and insights on the change impacts, to develop new skills they will require in the reviewed organization.

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