Organizational development

Organizations need a structure that aligns the people, process and technology/infrastructure components to the business strategy. When these are aligned, the organization is capable of delivering the experience the clients need and expect and is able to achieve its business goals. A well-structured organization excels in its critical tasks, operates productively, and exceeds its business objectives.

There are many organizational models possible; the correct organization structure needs to reflect the business model and ensure the various critical elements of the organization are aligned and integrated.

Critical elements of an organization

A high performing organisation align the critical elements of the organisation into a cohesive structure. The critical elements of an organisation include the business model, the organisational model, the governance structure, the people components (culture, roles, jobs, and competencies), business and management processes, and technology and infrastructure components.

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Getting the right organizational structure

The organisational structure is unique to each enterprise. There are proven practices and processes for getting the organisational structure best suited for your enterprise. To get the right organisation, you need to start with the business model, identify capabilities, define the core business processes, structure the organisation, leverage technology and assets, and integrate the organisational components into a coherent whole.

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