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You collect and share ever changing client information within your organziation, yet often it resides in various tools and software across the organization (email, speadsheets, databases, webs etc). This can make it difficult, if not complicated for the sarious employees of small/medium sized business to 'be on the same page'. You have likely experienced scenarios similar to these:

"now where is that client's information..."
one of your salespeople is on vacation, another salesperson is tasked to manage thier leads/clients while away

"don't have that with me right now, how about tomorrow"
you are at a job site all day and you're asked by another client to resend their latest estimate but it's at the office

"how many propective clients did we identify this month"
your regional salespeople were very active finding prospective clients during the month (you suspect) but have to wait for month's end reports to come in


Your company has very specific workflows to enforce when interacting with prospects and clients, but there is no off-the -shelf solution that is aware of your

villageweb can develop and maintain web application(s) to your requirments.

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Maintenance and curation are important aspects to managing your client information. Well curated data in a centralized place brings many benefits to the organization:

information is only written once, then available throughout
From the moment a prospective client's name and contact info is added, it immediately becomes available across your company's employees as per their roles.

reporting and analysis can be performed at any interval, data is realtime